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Sinamay Workshop 16th February 2018

Sinamay Workshop 16th February 2018

Creating Hats with Sinamay :  10am to 4pm

1 full Day €220/student incl all materials 

Why not learn to make a beautiful Headpiece, using Sinamay - one of the most versatile fabrics in Millinery if you know what to do with it.  Have fun in my workshop environment creating your very own hat and learn about many of the wonderful qualities of Sinamay when it is used on the bias.

Suzie will demonstrate some basic techniques and then you can let your imagination run wild.  Creating the base from Sinamay by following traditional Millinery techniques.   In addition to this you will learn how to create many different design techniques from Sinamay including rolls, loops, swirls to name a few.  These and other millinery elements can be used to adorn you hat creation.  The abundance of choice is vast from feathers, beading, crinoline and much more.  
FEE INCLUDES:  Teas/Coffee and Lunch.  
All Materials and trimmings are included. 

220 EUR

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